Ich wünsche frohe und friedliche Weihnachten

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Music touched me from my early childhood. When I heard "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty for the first time at the age of about nine, it hit me like a bolt of lightning and I was determined to learn the saxophone. My musical path began in the Musikverein Maulbronn. Many years of trial and error followed, and I finally decided to turn my passion into a career. During my music studies, which I completed in 1999, I was already working as a professional musician.

I was able to gain further musical experience at various workshops with David Liebmann, Jerry Beronzy, Johannes Endes, Toni Lakatos and Ernie Watts, among others.

In my musical world, however, not only the saxophone played an important role, but I expanded my repertoire of instruments with flutes and a preference for rhythm and percussion instruments developed.

The second time in my life the fascination for an instrument hit me in a flash when I came into contact with the handpan in 2006. In 2018 I integrated the handpan into my musical work. These two sides are currently shaping my composition - and music world.